Trip Through Our Murky World

  • Tiger Woods. What a complete, total dumbass. Some people who have everything just can’t be satisfied with everything, can they? They just have to have MORE. Dumbass.
  • Walmart. Here in Massachusetts, they just got handed a $40 million ass whooping for “denying breaks, refusing overtime, and manipulating time cards.” I can tell you this: I’ve never shopped there. Ever. And I don’t intend to if I don’t have to. Oh wait – there was one time I forgot a dress shirt on a trip to North Carolina so I got one there. But that’s it. Or was that Costco? I don’t remember. Either way – evil.
  • Are you telling me that they actually have performances at the Grammy Nomination Announcements now? WTF? Come again? Am I totally sounding like the 76 year old bitter old man? I am shaking my fist over here, yelling “cripes!”
  • OK, this sounds interesting. I keep wondering and wavering about ownership vs. streaming. I always thought I’d be an ownership guy because I’ve always loved owning my music, but I think I’m coming around.  I’m in the middle of trying to figure out the next steps for our house and music/audio, so this throws a wrench into things. It’s always friggin’ something.
  • You have to watch this. Hockey player from the Florida Panthers got frustrated when his team gave up a goal and he tried to break his stick on the net……but OOPS! Instead he broke his stick over his own goaltender’s head. OOPS. Um, sorry dude.
  • I able to catch the Tom Petty feature on CBS This Morning the other day. I’m so-so on Tom Petty. I love some of his stuff and some other stuff I can’t bear to listen to. But the feature was quite good. My favorite part? When he was asked about turning 60, Petty sheepishly says “well, if you’re not getting old, then you’re dead.” Love it.

The Grammy’s Make Everyone Here Sick

I’m sitting here watching the Grammy’s, trying to comprehend two things:

1) How does this show remain on a major network? I actually feel bad for Brad Paisley. They made the mistake of giving us a camera shot from behind, with the crowd all just sitting there like lumps, with 50% of them probably checking their Blackberries and the other 50% drooling, on the verge of passing out. Poor guy. Not really his crowd. And what about the whole Cirque D’Soliel Beatles thing? Did I spell that right? Whatever. That was five minutes I just couldn’t comprehend. Ringo must have been sitting there, just shaking his head. Horrible! As much as I think Alicia Keys can sing, I’m SO tired of her being on all the awards shows. Just go away. Please. The one bright spot: Kanye West. Whatever that song he did with the white sunglasses and ’80s-like special effects was completely kick ass. Even better: when Vince Gill said “I just got an award from a Beatle [Ringo Starr]. Kanye, has that happened to you yet?” Classic! Yet, I still sit here, waiting for Amy Winehouse to save the night.

2) It has now been five consecutive weeks that someone in this house has puked. I keep hearing that the first 1-2 months after you put kids in daycare are like this while the kids “work out” their immune system, but really, this is insane. My poor father-in-law came over for a while last week and two days after that, he got it. Some advice: don’t come here. Until like April. K? Good.

And here’s a third thing: how the HELL does one find a pillow that works? I feel like I’ve purchased pretty much every pillow that’s ever been made and I can’t find one that works for more than two months. Thoughts?