He Ain’t Been Right Since Vietnam

Time for a quick sample of some music I’ve been digging lately.

I clearly came late to the Josh Ritter party. I’ve been hearing about him for years now from various friends and I think I heard one song a few years back that I didn’t care for, so I didn’t give him another shot. Bad Jeff. Bad, bad Jeff. Ritter is a singer/songwriter who crafts excellent songs and makes most of them feel rather timeless. Here’s “Right Moves.”


I’m finding it hard to believe that Warren Zevon has been gone five years already. It seems like just yesterday when I’d tune into Letterman to see his yearly appearance, which would almost always be terrific. It seems like just yesterday when I saw his last appearance on Letterman, where Dave devoted pretty much the entire show to Zevon. Well, “Stand in the Fire” came out a little bit ago and it’s a positively KILLER live album. Warren Zevon will never die! Here’s “Play It All Night Long”


Finally, a little local band called Drug Rug from the Boston area is starting to make a little noise. Think Sonny & Cher for the new millennium. Their voices don’t soar, their instruments are not expertly played, but there’s still something totally delicious about their music. It’s infectious. Fun. Here’s “The Sound Alone”


Enjoy! Would love to hear your thoughts via the comments.