Did you notice that you’re not hearing on the news or reading any articles about how expensive Super Bowl ads are this year? It’s not because it won’t be a good game. I assume it will. I don’t follow football religiously, but the teams in the Super Bowl are both 14-2. It’s mostly because large advertisers are getting smarter about where to allocate their marketing dollars (hint: if you’re reading this, you’re looking at where advertisers want to put their dollars).

Take, for example, Pepsi. Yeah, they’re the ones who seem to have bought up oodles of commercials in every Super Bowl I can remember. This year they made news when they decided not to purchase any Super Bowl advertising, instead opting to spend it online. Pepsi! They of the endless ad budget! Could it be that the people in the super-large corporations are getting hip – truly hip – to spending more online? Seems so.

Think about it. You can buy time on the Super Bowl for a jillion dollars and get broad reach – all ages, colors and sexes watch the thing. The demographic is HUGE – age 9 to 90. But if you’re really going after a large, specific demographic, wouldn’t you want to spend it at Facebook, where they can carve out a target user of very specific age, sex, religion, politics and general interest? For less money? Of course! Yeah, it’s more complicated than that, but really it’s not. It’s just smart.

The other Super Bowl issue this year is this ad they’re gonna run that is anti-abortion. It seems Tim Tebow, some college football quarterback, almost wasn’t Tim Tebow. His mother had complications during the pregnancy and the doctors actually advised her to have an abortion. She decided against the doctor’s advice and spilled out a Heisman Trophy winner. Interesting story. But it seems that CBS, the network running the Super Bowl, is getting a LOT of pressure not to run the ad. Really? Come on.

I am pro-choice. Always have been and probably always will be. But I’m not afraid at all that a pro-life Super Bowl ad is going to polarize America or anything. It’s a frickin’ TV ad, people! Nobody is stamping a law into place. Think about how many Super Bowl ads you can even remember in your lifetime. Three? Five?

I wonder what songs The Who will sing at halftime? Would be great if they did something like “Substitute,”  “I’m A Boy” and “The Seeker.” But they won’t. They’ll do the songs that have been sadly stamped into your head for the last 40 years on your classic rock radio station…..blah.