Sunday was a busy day. Got up early, as usual, and hit the gym at 8:30 – much better in the morning, when there’s no one there and I don’t have to wait for machines. One thing I hate is waiting. For anything. Except death, I guess. I’m happy to wait a while for that. That’s a gloomy thought, isn’t it? Damn, sorry ’bout that. Anyway, after I got home from the gym and showered up, it was off to Target to pick up some household items and I also managed to spend a couple of the gift cards I received for my birthday. Details: picked up a couple of shirts at Old Navy (thanks Steve and Barbara!). Old Navy seems to sell more hip-hop clothes every time I go there. Or maybe I’m just not their target buyer. Who knows. Seriously, though, their “shorts” actually come down well-below the knees? Those are not shorts. Those are “ports” or “shants.” Either way, I managed to find a couple worthy shirts and all was well.

At that point, it was about 11:50, so I had ten minutes before Strawberries opened. Now, Strawberries is a store that I detest – one of those mall legends that sells CDs for $19.99, what a complete rip-off! However, I had a gift card (thanks Amy Cooper!). Anyway, I had ten minutes to kill before going to Strawberries so I went next door to the Matress Superstore and managed to fall in love with a king size bed that felt like I was lying in a giant marshmellow. It was pure heaven. It was also $3000. I don’t need a new bed or anything, but for a brief, fleeting moment there, I needed a new $3000 king-size bed more than I needed anything else in the whole wide world. Whoo!

After my ten minute slumber, I headed over to Strawberries, looking for The Last Waltz on DVD, which is the documentary of the last show of The Band, a group of musicians whom I hold in the highest regard. Upon asking the clerk at the register if they had it, I got a blank-stare and after clicking a few keys, she assured me that they do not have it. Sad, but not shaken, I peruse the store looking for a few other things, maybe Weezer’s new album or an old Kinks album I need. I find what I want and I am headed up to the register, when lo and behold there’s The Last Waltz DVD, on an ENDCAP RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REGISTER! Duh. I pointed it out to her. She was embarrassed. No harm done, mistakes do happen, and that’s why I don’t shop at Strawberries. Regardless, The Last Waltz is now mine. Now, this is significant for a couple of reasons: 1) I have never seen The Last Waltz, I only have the vinyl album and 2) I have never actually purchased a DVD, and technically I still have not since it wasn’t my money. I rent them all from Netflix, which may very well be the best idea for a website I’ve ever seen.

Describing my day is taking quite a while, isn’t it? That’s okay, it’s just before 11pm and I’ve got a few more minutes before Baseball Tonight starts. Anyway, I got home and Stephanie and I re-arranged the living room! Hot damn, it looks better now! We threw out the old coffee table and the entertainment center (Dan and Kerry, I appreciated it, but it just took up too much space in our living room……got a good solid year out of it though, so thank you, and Kerry, I’m still using the dresser) and I spent an hour on Saturday constructing a new and smaller entertainment center to use. So it’s now in use and functioning quite well. Simply put, it’s holding everything up. To celebrate our re-arranging of our living room, we proceeded to go over to Jordan’s Furniture, where we purchased what promises to be a funky set-up, a couch and an overstuffed chair and ottoman – in purple. Yes, purple. Initially, I was apprehensive of this color, but after a while I came around. NOBODY has a purple couch and chair. But we do. In 5 to 8 weeks, I’ll report back.

Another album that is just kicking my ass is called “Phoenix” and it’s performed by a guy named Cary Hudson, who used to sing with a terrific band called Blue Mountain. Hudson’s new album is much like Blue Mountain, in fact, but probably a little more, um, uh, how do I put this? Male? Whatever. It’s good. Think Tarbox Ramblers and Lynyrd Skynyrd combined. Very, very good album. So yeah, it was a busy Sunday. Now, off to baseball tonight to close it out…….whoo!