I’ve been reminded over the past couple of days about my eating habits. I’d say out of a scale of 1 to 10 on the health-o-meter, I probably rank about a 7.5. I’ve made it up to 7.5 in most part due to my wife – she’s not preachy by any stretch – it’s more like health by association. Plus she knows quite a bit (more than me, anyway) about what to stay away from and why. Still, I’m no food militant and neither is she. We both splurge on occasion and one thing that remains constant for me is ice cream. Unless a doctor tells me to stop it, I’ll have it nearly every night. Other than that, I think I’m fairly solid. I certainly am not these dudes.

Anyway, back on point – the last couple of days reminded me of two pretty hard-core addictions. One is potato chips. I probably eat potato chips once every six months or so, but damn those things are good. From the “premium” chips like Terra to the normal, greasy ones, it’s pretty rare to find a potato chip that doesn’t make you want to just put your head directly into the bag and eat your way out of it.

But over the weekend in New Hampshire, I reluctantly met up again with an old friend. Yes, the Cheez-It. I suspect that even though it doesn’t say it on the box, Cheez-It’s do indeed contain crack. For me, that is the most addicting snack cracker on the market today. It also happens to be, uh, not so good for you (although they did remove the trans-fat at some point). To pat myself on the back, I’ve probably eaten Cheez-Its twice in the last five years. There have been plenty of opportunities, too, but I know what happens when I start……this weekend in New Hampshire, I started. While I didn’t embarass myself by any means, I had some. And they were good. Damn you, Cheez-Its.

What’s your most addicting snack?