Sometimes the most bizarre scenarios enter my head. Exhibit A: this morning I am at the gym and I am on the eliptical machine (the one that’s sort of a combination between a treadmill and a cross-country ski thing) and I am listening to the Beastie Boys “Paul’s Boutique” on my Discman, right? Now, I should preface this by saying that this particular album is quite high on the funky meter and is easily one of the best albums the 1980s had to offer. So anyway, there I am on the eliptical machine and I’m grooving, and I’m running, and I’m swinging my arms all about, and it occurs to me – what if everyone in the gym could hear the music I was listening to and just suddenly – out of nowhere – all got together and started this incredibly choreographed dance routine a la Britney Spears to one of those Beastie Boys songs? My god. I could barely keep myself from laughing right there. I mean, the things that I think of……ridiculous.

Today we’re heading downtown to see the theatrical version of “The Graduate” with Kathleen Turner, Jason Biggs, and Alicia Silverstone. I have heard that Kathleen Turner gets naked in this play. Why can’t it be 1982 instead of 2002, though? That’s as risque as I’ll get on this blog.