So I drop the kids off at daycare this morning and I need to go to the supermarket because we’re out of orange juice. Orange juice is a must in our household. Both of us drink Tropicana Premium with calcium, but I have to buy two anyway because Steph doesn’t like pulp and I like my OJ to be almost soupy with pulp. Pulp makes it rock!

Anyway, I walk into the place and I’m psyched because REM is playing on the sound system! “Wow,” I think, “hip store!” Next song: Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” My heart sinks. My guts churn. This is the second worst song of all time. What’s first, you ask? “We Built This City,” by……Starship. Yes, I think I might believe wholeheartedly that Starship has made the TWO worst songs of all time. That’s quite a feat.

I’ve been devouring the book about Warren Zevon, written by his ex-wife Crystal. What a great read. It’s one of those deals where it’s simply a collection of stories that walk through the timeline of Zevon’s life, cut short by cancer at the age of 56. Just about everyone contributes – Jackson Browne, Waddy Wachtel, nearly all of his wives, mistresses and girlfriends and his kids. The stuff from his kids is most heartbreaking, although he made some amends. Of course, I am a huge fan of Zevon’s work and have been since my early high school years. This book doesn’t paint him as anything but a totally fucked up guy with some serious issues. Which, by the way, is what he wanted – an honest fist-clencher on a book. Which it is. Pretty captivating stuff that has me wincing, laughing and feeling sad at some parts.

The book also made me whip out the smoking hot Stand In The Fire, the live album that was just re-released last year. This has got to be one of the top 5 live albums in existence. Zevon – kind of a dickhead, but boy did he ever bring it on stage. Holy crap!