Some random thoughts:

– When I first heard “You Gotta Fight For Your Right (To Party),” I was a high school freshman and I absolutly loved it. Around the same time, Run-DMC’s “Raising Hell” came out, and I was most certainly a suburban white-boy who was a very mainstream rap fan. I never thought at the time that rap would become what it has today – a tour-de-force of the music industry. And I am not even sure if rap’s been a positive influence or not, but I have an epic respect for the music now. I’m not a huge fan of it, but think about it: a whole new genre of music managed to twist and turn its way through the horrendously corrupt music business and break on through. Very impressive. However, does the music and lyrical content influence our children negatively, or does it show African-American children that if you work hard enough, you can succeed? Agree with their actions and lyrics or not, “making it” in the music business has got to be harder than hitting a major league curveball.

– Why, oh why, do cities perform roadwork during rush hour? There’s plenty of people in the city who have no problem working at night when there’s no cars on the road. Hello? Hello?

– I just heard “I Alone” by Live on my LaunchCast, and I’m remembering what a great album “Throwing Copper” was. What the hell happened to Live? How do bands put out one great album and then the rest are just throwaways? I don’t mean one good song, I mean an entire album of good songs.

– I’m still trying to get over the assault that The Bottle Rockets put on this week here in Boston. What a great band. I wouldn’t mind if they were the band playing at my wedding. That would totally rule (although I suspect the elders may not be so into it). They’d have to share the bill with The Tarbox Ramblers, though. I bet the elders would love them.

– I still wonder what Kurt Cobain would be doing now if he were still alive. Apparantly, there was talk of he and Michael Stipe doing something together – that would have been incredible. Cobain was so weak and suicide is such the ultimate cop-out. How frustrating.

– I’ll be making my first appearance at Fenway Park on Tuesday – Red Sox vs. K.C. Royals. I really want to be a season-ticket holder someday. Ah, dreams…….it cost $4455.00 per season for one good ticket. That’s $8910.00 if you want two seats. Good god. By comparison, if you want to be a Kansas City Royals season ticket holder, you can buy a season ticket in the first ten rows behind home plate for $1701.00. Two seats for the season: $3402.00.

– One of the better song lyrics about being a not-famous band on the road for years: “I’m gonna write down my name in a ladies room stall/gonna try not to fall down singing for y’all/gonna die someday staring at dressing room walls…..” — The Old 97’s, “Dressing Room Walls”

Have a nice weekend.