So I was driving home on Saturday and suddenly this very impressive, loud noise started to eminate from my vehicle upon turns and whenever I hit bumps. It will be brought in for service tomorrow. Here’s what I am thinking: if this is a BIG repair of any kind, then I may have to think about a new car. I am 4,000 miles away from my warranty running out, and this would be the second major repair in three months, so that’s not a good sign. Up until 3 months ago, I had no problems with the car at all. Plus, it only has 52,000 miles on it and it’s a 1996, so I might even get a good trade-in value.

Every now and then, my LaunchCast (online, personalized radio player) slips in a tune that I never expressed any feeling for one way or another. Today it was the new Alanis Morrisette song, called “Hands Clean.” And I’ll be damned, but it’s yet another good song from her. My friend and co-worker Clay says that I am in love with her, but I am so not in love with her. She looks like a horse. Wait, do I sound like I’m 14 years old? OK, like, anyway, I have this theory about music, and here it is: There are some songs that just sound so great on the radio, but only on the radio, you know? For example, “More Than A Feeling” by Boston is a song that was just built for the radio. “Don’t Fear The Reaper,” by Blue Oyster Cult is another. But I’d never actually buy the CDs. Well, Morrisette’s new songs is one of those radio songs. Here’s another one for you: remember “Midnight Blue” by Lou Gramm? He’s the ex-lead singer of Foreigner. Yes, Foreigner. “Midnight Blue” came out when I was wearing goofy button-down shirts with weird patterns on them to high school in 1987, but that was a great radio song. Oh wait – this isn’t one of those radio songs, but since I mentioned Foreigner I have to say that “Dirty White Boy” is one of the best songs of the 1980s. Even better, I’ve seen The Bottle Rockets cover it a couple times and of course it freakin’ rules.

I’m heading back down to New York City next week for a conference. Maybe this time I’ll hit Ground Zero. I watched the “9-11” special last night and it was tastefully done and gripping to watch. Hard to believe they had cameras inside shooting the whole thing. Clearly the most disturbing part was the loud crashes they were hearing outside – the people who were jumping. That made me cringe.