So, I had to take my girlfriend to the emergency room on Monday (she’s ok) and I use the term “emergency” loosely. We got there at 2:30pm and they didn’t see her until 8:30. We sat waiting, worried and frustrated, for six hours. Some emergency room. After the examination we waited another hour and a half. Left the “ER” at 10:15pm, seven hours, and 45 minutes later. How ridiculous is that? And I didn’t even get to see any of the doctors from the TV show. They must have had the day off. I was hoping my girlfriend would get Dr. Carter. Instead we got Dr. Reisner.

I learned today that the highest single-word score in Scrabble (in other words, one turn) was 392 for the word “caziques.” That is incredible. It’s statistically impossible to get that many points with just that word, so undoubtedly the “s” was used to pluralize another long, high-point word. I love Scrabble. I haven’t played for quite a while now.

Elliot Smith is fast becoming one of my favorite artists out there. What an incredible string of albums this guy has released.