So I got home after midnight last night and I flipped on the TV and started clicking around. I ended up watching the end of the David Lettermen show, which is always solid. But after the Letterman show I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Yoda – yes, YODA – has a TV talk show now! Seems like everyone has a talk show these days, doesn’t it?

Anyway, “After Dark With Yoda” is your par-for-the-course, typical late-night talk show – a quick monologue, some back-and-forth banter with the musical guru Boba-Fett and some in-studio levitating. Last night, however, it got kind of crazy when Yoda flipped out and killed the first guest, Tori Spelling. It was odd – they were talking, totally normal and suddenly Yoda just stopped and looked a little to the left, barely noticable, really, but suddenly a large fire-ball came out of nowhere and just disintegrated her. About five minutes later, though, the crowd and Yoda, seemed to relax a little bit and enjoy the second guest, Don King.