So, I came across an old mix-CD that I popped into my Discman this morning for the gym and I heard two more amazing 70s power ballads. Badfinger’s “Day After Day” is still a beautiful song, full of excellent harmonies and nice piano. Badfinger’s story has got to be the saddest ever in the music business – they got completely screwed by an unscrupulous manager who took them for everything they had, then not one, but two, of their main members, including vocalist Pete Ham, hung themselves after the ensuing depression. Damn. Anyway, the other song was Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself.” I can’t believe I had forgotten that I had that on CD. You know the song: “when I was young, I never needed anyone, making love was just for fun……those days are gone.” Yeah, that one. Now, that’s a true ’70s power ballad! Note, however – do not listen to these two songs at the gym. Not exactly “get in shape” music. That being said, on that very same CD is AC/DC’s “Jailbreak” and “TNT” – now those are songs to workout to! I pretty much dislike all of AC/DC’s music after Bon Scott died. Everything before that was brilliant. My point about all this: I absolutly love finding old mixes where you have no idea what’s on them, and then listening to them. Most of the time I wonder “why the hell did I ever put this on a mix????” But it’s still fun to find out. Holy crap – “it’s fun to find out” – I just remembered that’s the motto Boston’s Musuem Of Science used to have in all their commercials when I was a kid. I wonder if they still use that?

Check this out – I don’t know how they do this, but there’s actually a website where someone sells stuff that people left (or lost) at airports and goes unclaimed. Who said the era was dead?!

Finally, did you see those pictures of my sister’s puppy below? Damn…..I may have to steal that little puffer.