So glad to hear that they found that girl in San Jose. Why do people abduct children? I just cannot understand. Imagine you’re the person at the conveinence store and that little girl comes in crying. I can’t even imagine how I would feel. Supposedly there’s been an arrest of a possible suspect, so that’s good to hear.

Did anyone see the third Ward/Gatti fight on Saturday night? I didn’t see the first two, but I did hear about how amazing both fights were. The third one, which I did get a chance to see, was just a war. Those two guys are old-school fighters. Note I say “fighters” and not “boxers.” They simply beat the hell out of each other and they’re both tough bad-asses. Gatti broke his hand in the 4th round, and still soldiered on. This is how boxing should be. While I don’t understand why boxing isn’t outlawed alltogether, once every 5 years or so a good, entertaining fight comes along and I can sort of grasp why two people seem to enjoy trying to bludgeon each other with their fists on purpose. Other than that, boxing ranks way down on the list of sports that I enjoy.

Also saw the uncut Fast Times At Ridgemont High for the first time in many years. I’m so used to seeing the cut version that I had forgotten about the “real movie.” Naturally, the uncut version is a classic adolescent comedy, with the swearing and……Phoebe Cates and Jennifer Jason Leigh. I likes ’em both. Whatever happened to Phoebe Cates, anyway? She really was so attractive. I’m sure she still is, I just haven’t seen her on TV or movies for years now…..

This is a mildly amusing story. I envision the guy bringing in like 20 elderly poodles or something….just picture that!

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