So…… I may have mentioned previously, I’ve been playing the hell out of my new computer game, High Heat Baseball 2003. It’s a keeper for sure. I’m not sure how much you can improve a game from year-to-year, but somehow 3DO does it. It’s simply incredible, and I can’t even begin to tell you how realistic it plays. Most of the other games are 15-14 games with nothing but home runs. This is real. As real as it gets. I am a nerd. Take a look at a game I played this morning – a true nail biter.

I had the afternoon to myself so I went over to the FleetCenter today and took in a Bruins-Carolina Hurricanes game. The game started at 1:05, and it was sold out, so I waited until about 1:10 when the scalpers get desperate and I ended up 9 rows from the ice in a tremendous seat – for $30 less than the face value of the ticket. Snaps and props to ol’ Jeffo. Too bad it was a boring game. Carolina 2, Boston 0.