Now this one I cannot figure out.


Of course, I have no recollection of this. Based on the class notes on the rest of the page, it was science class, so it was Miss Garber. Poor thing. Most of the kids thought she was kind of a mean old woman, but the truth is she was probably nice as pie outside the classroom. Anyway, the question I pose is undoubtedly intended for a person sitting either next to me or behind me and I can’t imagine I’m referring to anything else here except for King Kong Bundy, a huge wrestler at the time. God only knows what we were doing with a King Kong Bundy picture. I hope it wasn’t mean spirited, but it probably was.

Curiously, I appear to have written the word “offtrack” below that. No idea why. I was NEVER into things like offtrack biking or racing, so I’m not sure why I would’ve written it. All in all, a pretty mysterious part of the notebook.