For me, the power of music can pop up in the damndest places. Take, for instance, my recent flight back from New York. Anyone in the northeast U.S. is aware that we’ve been getting what I’ll call “snow events” approximately every 47 seconds this winter. Along with that comes your inevitable wind gusts and other various unacceptable deliveries from that old bag mother nature.

Seeing as though I travel quite a bit for work, living in New England means that for roughly 5 out of the 12 months in a year, I’m a good candidate for interesting flights due to weather. Our approach into Boston was very much that – interesting. It wasn’t snowing, but I know that when I look out the window of the aircraft and I can see whitecaps flowing over each wave in the Atlantic and small ripples on the water caused by wind, I’m freakin’ in for it. In the past, turbulence didn’t really bother me. For some reason, though, it’s starting to and I don’t know why. In a recent conversation with my wife’s cousin, I discovered that she, too, is inexplicably more nervous about flying with each passing flight. Aren’t we supposed to be less nervous the more we do something? Whatever.

Anyway, on approach the plane was really jumping. This wasn’t normal turbulence, either – I can handle that pretty well. I finally said “screw it,” pulled out the IPod and dialed up Anders Parker’s “Feel The Same” from the new album. I closed my eyes, leaned back and wouldn’t you know it? I barely felt a thing until we hit the ground. It was like magic. And yes, I’m still talking about the Anders Parker album, because it’s so damn delicious to listen to. You are really missing out on one of this decade’s best releases if you don’t have it.

I read a very interesting article on the future of radio so I’ll post some thoughts soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this amazing story (hat tip to Paul).