Random Monday morning thoughts:

  • OK, I know that on Friday I posted a short note about Tim Russert and I always did enjoy watching him, not necessarily for the endless political talk, but because you could just tell the guy was having a ball doing what he was doing. But the coverage is totally out of control now. They devoted the entire 6:30 newscast to him on Friday – warranted perhaps. But was the full Today show on Saturday, the full Meet The Press on Sunday and then again on the Today show this morning necessary?
  • I couldn’t bring myself to watch the Celtics last night. First off, it’s basketball. Secondly, 9pm start times and twins who wake up between 5-6am don’t mix. Ever. Basketball isn’t worth it.
  • Talk about a Father’s Day gift: yesterday was the first day since pre-babies that I actually sat down with the physical Sunday Boston Globe and read through it all, like I used to. It was a hump I welcomed getting over. Not sure I’ll be able to do it every Sunday, but hopefully it’ll become more frequent.
  • Marking it down here for my own reference: Nathan’s first word is “clock.” It’s more like “claa” but seeing as though he always points directly at clocks and says it, it’s good enough for me.
  • Watching Mike Myers last night on that “Best of Mike Myers SNL” thing was painful. Back then, he pulled off comedy with youthful enthusiasm. Last night, it couldn’t have been more obvious that he was mailing it in to promote his movie, which looks totally stupid. Myers has his place, but it’s the 1990s. Unless he can totally reinvent himself somehow, he should sunset it and live comfortably off the proceeds from his obvious career peak – the Austin Powers movies.
  • I pan-seared some scallops over the weekend and they were excellent! Scallops are one of those foods that I really enjoy eating and they’re so easy to make and versatile for recipes. When I eat them, I always tell myself I need to eat them more, but then I never do. What foods do you wish you ate more of?