Shower Goods
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Since we re-did our bathroom a few months ago, Steph and I instituted a shower policy of sorts – no bar soaps. I was a little against it at first, but it really has made cleaning the bathroom much, much easier. That also means that I’ve been relegated to shower gel only, which also means I have to use one of the foofy puffy things to lather up. Hey, I’m not above using the foofy puffy thing. I’m man enough to admit it.

OK, so here’s a Memorial Day quiz for you. Pictured here are five shampoos and shower gels that Steph and I are currently using. If you’re feeling adventurous (don’t be a wuss), see if you can guess which ones she uses and which ones I use. Go ahead, leave a comment. Maybe if someone nails it, I’ll give them an undetermined prize. Larger pic here.