A sad day for the video game business, at least for me. 3DO has declared bankruptcy. They weren’t making much noise in the video game business, but they did make the incredible High Heat series of baseball games that are just astounding in its realism. I talked about this game a lot last season, and I was first in line this season to buy the new one, and it doesn’t disappoint. I’m playing as the Cincinnati Reds, I’m 48-41, good for 3rd place in the NL Central behind Houston and St. Louis, and just 3 games back in the Wild Card standings. Anyway, nobody is really sure what will happen to this game now. Will this be the last High Heat game we see? Or will another company with deeper pockets purchase the team & assets behind this game? Yet to be seen. High Heat is 3DO’s best-seller, so my guess is that some company will acquire that part of 3DO. I hope so.

In other video game news, I can now say with some degree of support behind me, that playing video games is not a brain drain. I have noticed over the past few years that I have been able to monitor complex visual information more easily than non-game players. Yes. Of course.

Finally, I must ask one question: How often will this guy have to stop for gas?!

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