Ryan Adams is such a little bitch. Apparantly last night during his show at The Ryman in Nashville, TN, a concertgoer yelled out “Summer of ’69!” and he apparantly flipped his little lid, the punk. As you know, “Summer of ’69” is a Bryan Adams song, not Ryan Adams, but supposedly he gets all pissy when people yell out Bryan Adams songs. I think it’s pretty hilarious and I’ve even toyed with the idea of doing it myself. Sophomoric? Yeah, it is. I admit it, but it’s funny as hell. So anyway, Adams stopped the show, pulled $30 out of his pocket and had other people in the audience point out the person who yelled it. Then he gave that person the $30 and told him to leave and refused to play another song until the fan left. Ryman Auditorium employees had to settle the situation and the fan stayed, albeit in a worse seat.

My advice to Ryan Adams – grow up, punk. People yell crap at shows all the time, most often worse than a title to a Bryan Adams song, and people will always yell crap. You’re not even close to having the kind of clout to do what you’re doing, and people who DO have that kind of clout are classy enough to ignore idiots in the crowd. You see, if you ignore it, then it won’t be a story. Suck it up, dude. If you keep on throwing stupid little pissy-faced tantrums, then people will do it even more so they can tell the story. See? I’m doing it now. Punk. Why am I devoting so much blogspace to someone whose last two albums were insulting?

Now, onto other things that make me laugh – 100% of the vote! You know what else is funny is how stupid our president thinks we all are. I hope nobody really believes that Iraq is a terribly serious military threat to the United States, directly or indirectly. I mean, really. This thing is all about revenge, oil and most importantly – the struggling U.S. economy. It doesn’t seem to have much to do with weapons of mass destruction, if anything. Bush is throwing toilet paper on the ceiling to see what sticks to try and get our economy going again so he can win another election. No matter what Iraq agrees to do regarding inspections, Bush will find a way around it. We could fax Saddam a list of demands and he could respond within ten minutes and agree to it, and as soon as he does Bush, Inc will find a way to get around it. Maybe the blog IS better with just baseball screenshots, ay?