Ronald Reagan. Gosh. There’s been plenty of coverage on TV lately, wouldn’t you say? I mean, enough already. We went through this ten years ago when Nixon kicked it – there was this sudden swelling of good vibes and positive remembrances of Nixon and a lot of people saying things like “well, sure, he was impeached and deservedly so, but 100 years from now when people look back, they’ll see a solid presidency.” Blah blah blah. No they won’t. They’ll see a guy who was impeached. Much like in 100 years, they’ll see Clinton as the blow job guy (that should get my traffic up from search engine referrals….heh).

So when we look back on Reagan in 100 years, what’s the one defining moment? What will we forever associate Reagan with? Something tells me it will be the end of cold war, an impressive feat unto itself, but also not really much of that can be pinned on his doing. I could easily say that down the road we’ll associate him with the Iran Contra deal, which displayed, perhaps, Reagan’s true intelligence when, under oath, he uttered the almost famous statement, “well, to the best of my recollection, I do not recall.” So I don’t know. Maybe it’ll be the fact that the Iran hostages were to be freed before he took office in early 1981, but he finagled it so that they were freed after he took office. But probably not. He’ll probably be remembered as the guy who sent the American economy into the stratosphere after a tough 1970s. I hope they remember to tack on the part about the record deficit’s, though.

But enough of that. You ain’t lived until you’ve had a root canal, dammit.

Oh! and what would my blog be without a little more baseball? Here’s a nice sunny afternoon at Dodger stadium. Dennis Tankersly of the Padres throws out Alex Cora of the Dodgers. Of course, you can click on the picture to make it bigger yo.

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