showerIt is true that I have a bit of an obsession with showers. You may or may not agree, but showers can determine a good day or bad day. It is, usually, almost the first thing you do every day, so it will set the mood. If you have a weak shower with no water pressure in your house, well, that sucks and I’m sorry. Unless you actually LIKE low pressure showers, in which case you clearly are a Communist. Get out of the country. OK, I jest. But seriously, does anyone like a weak shower? Steph and I have done two bathroom renovations now and I pretty much give her run of the design, with one exception – I wanted a definitive say in the shower head. Because nothing – nothing – beats a nice hot shower with medium-to-hard water flow. Do you remember the Seinfeld episode when Kramer was buying shower heads off the back of trucks in New York City? He got one that eventually had such crazy water pressure that it actually knocked him over in the shower. This is what I want. I want my ass to be kicked by a shower head. The picture here is our current shower head. It arguably has the capability to literally knock you over, a la Kramer. However, we can’t bring ourselves to set it to the highest water pressure setting because the hot water actually runs out quicker. That’s kind of irresponsible, so we keep it about halfway and every morning, I am treated to 5-10 minutes of very quality showering. There you have it. A blog post from someone who has no idea what to write about today.