Random musings:

– I’m surprised at how many people I talk with who don’t eat breakfast. In fact, they don’t really eat anything until lunch. This is unacceptable, really. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (although I’ll admit any meal is equally important to me).

– My latest obsession: what would it be like to be a baseball umpire? I’m always daydreaming about doing something different with my life, other than corporate/office work. Umpiring sounds like it might be cool, but you could also think about it this way: everyone hates you. You don’t have a home stadium, so you’re traveling all the time. Chances are you never make the majors. The pay will be bad. It will be hot. Or it will be raining. On the other hand, you get to watch baseball. All the time. More on this later.

– I’m really starting to get into Franz Ferdinand. “Take Me Out” is a kick ass song.

– Lollapalooza is sad.

The School of Rock was a pretty funny movie. Normally an hour-and-a-half of Jack Black is too much for me. Put him in a room full of kids, though, and it’s almost acceptable. He was great.

– The disturbing Thirteen, on the other hand, is a great birth control tool. Amazing that a 15 year-old girl co-wrote this film.

– Yeah, um, I’m not interested.

– I got home last night at about 11pm and watched Vladimir Guerrero singlehandedly beat the Red Sox. Normally I would have gone to bed, but it was amazing to watch this guy so effortlessly knock in runs that I had to stay up for each of his at bats. Bedtime: 1:07 am.

– Need your help: of three major projects, which would you do first: a) new kitchen, b) new bathroom or c) siding. Note: we hate the color of the house. Another note: you can’t see the color of the house from the inside. A final note: both the bathroom and the kitchen are stuck in, oh, 1959.

– George Bush is an ass. I’m not with him, I’m against him.

– I don’t care if Smarty Jones wins the Triple Crown or whatever. In a year, nobody will remember.

– Do you think people really believe they’ll become famous by getting on a reality show? I saw somewhere that the dude who won The Apprentice also sent in other videos to get on other reality shows before that one. Isn’t there something more constructive out there, more meaningful?

– I hate the new comments section on this blog.

– Jennifer Lopez might be mentally ill. Either that or she’s absolutely desperate to be married to someone/anyone.

– It’s hard when you don’t have HBO and you miss the first-run Sopranos episodes. I wait for the DVD’s, but you just cannot avoid hearing people talk about it or seeing headlines about storylines. I’ve managed to completely evade any news about this season. Don’t tell me anything.

Song now playing: The Volebeats – “When You’re There”