• Last night while Christmas shopping I popped into the Verizon Wireless store and finally got to see a Blackberry Storm in action. There sure have been a lot of lukewarm reviews of this phone, as most people who use Blackberries use them because of the physical keyboard, which is gone on the Storm, replaced by a touch screen keyboard — which a lot of people were harping negative about. Me, I had absolutely no problem on that keyboard (note: I was using it in landscape mode with the full qwerty display). I guess my fingers must be skinnier than most, because I was rolling through test emails and text messages on the Storm with no problems at all. The negatives: the speed in switching between applications and also the landscape-to-portrait screen switch were way too slow. I’m pretty sure that’ll be addressed in software updates. The BIG negative for me: there doesn’t appear to be a cradle that will act as both an FM Transmitter and charger for my car. I don’t drive without my IPod sitting in that FM transmitter, so if Blackberry or some aftermarket company can’t produce one soon, I’ll have to go with the IPhone, despite the horror that AT&T is. Here’s a Twitter-stream of folks using the Storm.
  • Amusing little ditty: every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I take the kids to day care in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. This morning I had the Apple TV rolling during the kids breakfast with a bunch of music. Recently I went online and found a bunch of my favorite movie and TV show quotes, most of them about :30-45 seconds long. Now as the music shuffles through, there’s an occasional intermission between songs with funny movie/TV quotes. This morning while feeding the boys, an old Beavis & Butthead piece came on and both kids just started laughing. I am not sure yet if this is good or bad.
  • I’m serious – listen to that Delta Spirit song I posted yesterday.
  • I’m somewhat terrified to get a Christmas tree, given that our boys are now getting themselves into just about everything. Should I be worried about them pulling it down? I think it’s obvious that there will be no ornaments or lights within reach.