Somebody Get Me A Doctor

OK, this one is pretty funny and slightly embarrassing. It is the fall of 1990, my first year at Kent State. This is not the dorm, though, and it wasn’t shot on campus. A few guys in the dorm had gone to high school together and some of their friends from back home were having a party, so we tagged along, “we” being my friend Larry Cassen and his sister, Trudy, who was my girlfriend at the time. That’s her hair on the left in the picture. I am standing, and Larry is sitting right in front of me. I am obviously the very definition of high fashion here. Gulp. WTF? I am actually wearing Larry’s pink Vaurnet t-shirt. I can’t for the life of me remember why I would need to be wearing his shirt or why I wore a Vuarnet shirt in the first place. I can definitively tell you that this is the only time I have EVER worn such a shirt. And of course, it’s freaking documented. Rats. Anyway, the pink Vaurnet shirt, a CBS Sports baseball hat, black pants and an emerging mullet. Let’s just say this: it’s a good thing I had a girlfriend. I do get points for the double beers in my hand, though.