Another recurring dream I have: I’m still in high school and for whatever reason, I keep forgetting my class schedule. I never know when I’m supposed to be in which class and I never can figure out where in the building I should. It’s a never-ending stream of running around trying to find my schedule and trying to figure out where I should be. Weird.

I found this story in the “Odds & Ends” section of the Boston Globe this morning. I only point it out because it sounds very much like the stuff we used to do in high school. During my senior year, we pretty much cleaned out the local supermarket with plastic forks at least once a month. They’re super cheap and I tell you what, no matter how many times you “fork” someone’s lawn, it is always, always funny. Very funny, in fact.

Other pranks we pulled:

  • taking “for sale” signs from houses and putting them on the front lawn of our friends houses. You could also make this more complicated. For example, we once grabbed a bunch of “open house” signs and made it look like one of our friends was having an open house. We even put an open house at the end of his road with the arrow pointing.
  • many people put their garbage out the night before, so we would go and collect as much as we could from around town and pile it ALL on a friends driveway. We made some pretty incredible piles of garbage. I can only imagine what the trash men thought.
  • One of my favorites: the remote controls for cable TV back then were all pretty much identical. We’d go out around the neighborhood and switch people’s channels on occasion.
  • An odd one: we’d go and buy about two pounds of sliced bologne from the supermarket and go out and fling it on whatever we could – cars, street signs, whatever. We’d do this for a couple of reasons: a) it was totally ridiculous, b) it stuck to ANYTHING and c) watching it fly like a frisbee, THEN stick to something was terrific entertainment!
  • What were your favorite pranks?