I keep meaning to post about this. Last Friday I was working at home and ducked out to grab lunch at a local Brazilian joint here in Maynard. It recently changed owners and has become much more, um, Brazilian, with tons of good-looking breads and heart-stopping baked goods. They also revamped the entire lunch menu and one sandwich caught my eye. I forgot it’s name (something very foreign), but it contained the following ingredients: pork medallions, onion, peas, plantains, lettuce, mozzerella cheese, corn and yes, potato sticks. I know, I know, it sounds so random, but it was totally awesome! The plantains really make the sandwich what it is. It is also HUGE. I mean HUGE. Huge, as in I have no prayer whatsoever in eating the whole thing. I ate about half before I gave up. Delicious. I should have taken a picture.

I don’t know how often this happens to you, but nearly every single morning I wake up and I have a certain song in my head that stays there until I connect the IPod, fire up the computer and start my day. I have to say, a lot of times it’s a totally cheesy song that I wake up humming. This morning, for example, I woke up with “You Are The Woman” bouncing around in my head. The song was a big 1970’s hit by the band Firefall. You know it, trust me. It goes “you are the woman that I always dreamed of, I knew it from the start….” Now it’s stuck in your head. Ha ha! Last week I woke up to Kenny Rogers “The Gambler.” Good god.

Finally, traffic to my website kind of exploded this week. When I looked through the logs, it appears that two things caused this – my linking to a picture of a white baby tiger seemed to have been the cause for most of it and there were a lot of searches for “US Magazine” that ended up here. I have no idea why since I can’t remember referencing that hunk of junk anytime recently. Odd.

So hell, if I’m gonna get a lot of traffic from linking to cute baby animals, then damn, you should have a look at this baby panda sitting in a Tupperware bowl or this drowsy bear cub in a tree. If that’s not enough, try this polar bear cub. How’s that? Let the traffic roll in! I have no shame.