Ok……so cereal boxes. Let’s explore this for a paragraph, shall we? Unlike a lot of food products, cereal packaging hasn’t changed much since I was a kid in the 1970s. Thin cardboard box, plastic bag inside, note on box which tells me that the contents may have settled while being shipped. All this really means is that the cereal-makers just have never found a cheaper way to package it. The real question here is the plastic bags inside? Why are some of them so god-damn hard to open? There are times when it literally takes almost all my might to open the bag. Then I feel like a wimp, because it looks so easy. Yeah, some of them open in a snap, but a lot of them take brute effort.

Last week, I was excited because I found some honey crunch corn flakes (not Kellogs, but Nature’s Path). When I tried to open the bag, though, I felt like so much less of a man because I couldn’t get the bag open! Now, the patient and normal thing to do would be to get some scissors and simply make a nice, clean cut and voila! But no. Not me. I am not going to let a cereal bag get the best of me. Bearing down, I pushed a little harder……and success! Only the cereal exploded and went all over the counter. Now the whole box is sitting in a Tupperware container. Which reminds me, how come it’s difficult sometimes to get those closed?