So exciting to see another Red Sox World Series victory. The question to the Red Sox organization which I kept hearing last night during the postgame was the one about comparing this one to the 2004 victory. To a man, each member who had been there for both flatly stated there was no comparison. This one wasn’t better, it was just different. It’s true.

That’s true for me, too. When I wrote about the 2004 victory, I was reflective, remembering all the people I loved who weren’t able to experience it. As I watched the 2007 team, I couldn’t help but think that this team is positioned for a run like no other in Red Sox history. We’re looking at a core of young players who didn’t appear to be even remotely fazed by the grand stage they were performing on. Other teams should be afraid. And yes, the Red Sox spend more than 28 other teams and I do hate that. Because like it or not, it sullies the victory. I so wish that there was a salary cap in baseball, because I think the Red Sox would still be contenders given the core of young players they have.

I watched these playoffs with much less invested, too. No matter what anyone says, I can’t imagine anything topping the 2004 run. The way they did it and the whole 86 years thing, that will just never be repeated. I had no problem shutting off a game midway through during these playoffs. In 2004, I was GLUED. I’m not sure if it was just the novelty of 2004 that kept me glued, but while I enjoyed the ride in 2007, I wasn’t as…….captivated. Just extremely satisfied. The Red Sox, idiots in 2004, were so methodically dominant during the World Series, it just took all the suspense out of it. The most exciting moment of the 2007 series was the very first at bat of game 1. After that, you just knew.

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