One of the best things when it comes to music is the discovery process – finding a super-cool band under the radar-screen. Some of them end up making it big, some stay under the radar screen – either way – that whole process of following that band and that feeling of building anticipation when you hear there’s a new album coming out, or that they’re coming to play in Boston – that’s one of the coolest feelings. Another great feeling is the re-discovery process. See, I have about 1600 CD’s. That’s really fun because the possibilities for great mixes are endless and the supply of good music simply never runs out. It not really fun when you have to move, though. Anyway, I haven’t listened to The VolebeatsUp North for quite some time – probably two years or so – and I’ve forgotten just how much this band meant to me at one time. Which is sad, but okay, because I’ve re-discovered them. “Up North” is a 13-song collection that is not party music. What it is, though, is 13 songs, skillfully crafted, slightly dark and acoustic, but not depressing and the singer has one of the most memorable voices I’ve ever heard put on tape. The Volebeats are really a great, great band.

Well, I bought my car two weeks ago and there’s already 780 miles on it. For those of you scoring at home, that’s an average of 52 miles per day, and I was gone in New York all last week!Alas, the car is awesome.

Speaking of New York, I stayed at an pretty awesome hotel called The Hotel Giraffe on Park Avenue and 26th. I’ll be staying there every time I go to New York now (I actually have to go back this Thursday….). It’s just……….classy, and priced fairly. They had a beautiful garden deck on the roof where you could sit outside and read the paper and eat (free) breakfast in the morning. They had free champagne, cheese & crackers, and cookies in the afternoon, and a piano player, too, down in the lobby. The rooms were totally swank – silk comforter, dark cherry wood decor (closet, bathroom door, etc). Oh yeah, every night when I got home, too, they had turned down the sheets for me, dimmed the lights, and had the CD player playing at low volume. It was awesome. Quality service. I left the biggest tip I’ve ever left for a hotel housekeeper.

You see staged shots on television and cartoons of people falling off treadmills, but I’ve never seen it actually happen in person until this week in New York when I was working out with a fellow co-worker one morning before work. I had just got on the eliptical machine and he had just got on the treadmill, and he turned to say something to me and just about got shot backwards like a slingshot. I couldn’t help but laugh, and even he was laughing. He didn’t fall off it, but man, was it close….