OK, so yeah. I’m back from San Francisco. I took a week off from blogging because I was busy with work out there. So I am sorry to all 8 of my readers for not updating the site. There was too much going on for work and San Francisco is way too cool a city to be sitting inside writing dumb shit on my website. Now that I am back to “normal” life, I will now resume writing all about the dumb shit I encounter along the way.

So let’s get started, no? I saw Robin Williams’ house in San Francisco. It’s in a section of town called, I believe, “Sea Cliffs.” And holy shit, what a house. I mean, simply unreal. I wish I could’ve gotten inside and taken a look around. I read in the paper that it’s his birthday today, so maybe he took himself to some remote island for his own birthday. Who knows. It didn’t look like anyone was home, though. I took a picture of it with a disposable camera (very high quality shit there, partner).

I’ve been to SF quite a few times (10, maybe) and every time I go there, I love it even more. Without sounding too hippy-dippy, it’s simply a beautiful place to be. Doug Sahm was a smart man, staying there for as long as he did. If you don’t know who Doug Sham is, do yourself a damn favor and get this album, will ya? Seriously. He might be one of the most underrated musicians ever. He’s also dead.

Speaking of beautiful houses, I did get to go inside our CEO’s house. Damn sam, that was a nice house. Situated snugly into the Berkeley hills, this house had a modern flair and a kitchen that was bigger than the entire first floor of my, uh, mansion in Somerville, MA. Oh yeah, and did I mention that he has a wine cellar in his basement with something like 100 cases of wine, dating all the way back to the 1960s? And an 8-person hot tub overlooking the Bay Area? What a palace. Makes me want to try harder.

And where else can you play blackjack, win on your first hand and then buy t-shirts (with former president Nixon’s name on them) from some sort of odd secret stock? Only in Emeryville, baby. Only in Emeryville. Always remember, Jeff is hovering just four feet above your body, no matter what time of day it is. Four feet.