OK, so check it out, right – I went on a quick road trip this morning and I got pulled over. So I went through the normal routine, reaching over into the glove compartment to grab my license and registration and all that crap. And I lean back up and I look in the rear view mirror and there’s a monster coming at me! It’s big and green and looks a little bit like a giant muppet, but I can’t take the chance and find out if it’s friendly or not, so I spring out the door and I start robotically hightailing it (that’s me, there, in the foreground – the silver robot). The monster is all deep-throated and gruffy-voiced, saying shit like “come over here, you disgusting bag of steel and wires, I need to either stomp on your central neuro-processor or kiss you deeply, I’m not sure yet,” and I’m like “why don’t you go pound sand, you big stupid-face. Look at your dumb green coat. You’re either smelly and stupid or totally sexy. I’m not sure.”

And I decided to press my “go speedier” button. This picture shows me taking off, running from the idiot. I got away easy, but my car is still there……I need it soon. Close clal, though.