I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this blog. It’s hard to believe I’ve kept it up for over three years now. All that time, mostly writing about myself. Some of you who know me better might be thinking that it’s actually not such a shock that I’ve managed to talk about myself for that long now and maybe the ones who really know me well are convinced that I feel there’s not enough time left in eternity for me to stop yapping about my existence. Heh.

That’s a bit melodramatic, I know. I wonder, though, if anyone feels like they know me any better because of this blog? Or someone who just happens to come across it on their travels in cyberspace one day – what do they think? It may or may not surprise you, depending on who you are, but I do tend to be a little quiet in, uh, real life. More inward, I suppose. The people who are real close to me probably don’t see that. Crap. Who cares?

Anyway, here’s the deal. Like life, we all go through phases. For example, I once went through a phase, right after Achtung Baby came out, where I wore a lot of black, grew my hair out and gelled it and went nowhere without my black leather jacket on. I’m glad there are limited pictures of this era, but in a way, I wish I had more pictures to look back on. I’ve always been interested in photography, yet I have barely any pictures of myself or things in my life previous to this blog. It’s one thing that really makes me sad from time to time.

What does it all mean? Dunno. But you can expect to see a lot more pictures being posted here in the near future. Not slideshows, per say, just pictures. Despite my claim to being narcissistic, most of them won’t be of me. Like I said last week, I keep this blog for a couple of reasons:

a) so one day my children or other family and friends can look back and remember, possibly even celebrate, what a freak I really am/was.

b) most importantly, it’s my outlet. The place I come to remind myself that creativity, photography, zaniness or venting are still alive and well. The place where I go where there’s really no rules, no work, no problems, just me and my brain. This is really where the name RustedRobot comes from.

The name itself denotes a rotting of sorts. In a nutshell, the meaning is pretty simple – I can’t imagine myself sitting in an office pecking away at a keyboard my entire life. You rust that way. You become a robot and I can’t – won’t – let that happen. I won’t become the eqivilent of one of those skeletons on display in biology classes – year after year of just…..hanging on wires. Or a RustedRobot – it’s parts just defaulted in place due to lack of grease. When you try to move the robot, it’s just stuck there. If you wait too long and try to move it, it just breaks. It gives up. I strive to NOT be the title of my own blog. Funny.

Now you all know I’m nuts. Anyway, this isn’t turning into a photo blog or a Flickr page, don’t worry. Lately I’m just interested in taking pictures. Hope you enjoy some of them.

In the news, seems there are some people out there who are more nuts than Scott Peterson. Birds of a feather, I suppose.