The \'80s Rule

Today (Sunday) I was able to rekindle my photo archiving project. For any of you who may remember, I managed to secure a ton of old pictures from my immediate family a few months before the twins were born for the purpose of establishing a digital archive. I want to make sure as many of our old photos are stored online somewhere for the rest of time.

It’s a large initiative. There are a ton of old photos in my possession and still some others I haven’t gotten yet and yet others that are, for now, missing, but might be found. I hope they are found.

Of course, I’m not above posting pictures of myself that are slightly embarrassing. And oh boy, do I have some of those – and I’ll be posting them as I scan them. But this one here is particularly entertaining as the ongoing “did-he-or-didn’t-he-have-a-mullet” debate rages on. This photo, taken either in 1985 or 1986, sure seems to be some damning evidence of a mullet. I’m in the background, by the way and it could be argued that my cousin Kevin (foreground) doesn’t have a mullet here, as his hair was long all over. There is no decisive factor here, though, as my hat covers what would be the final verdict. We’ll never know.

As an amusing sidenote, Stephanie took a look at this picture tonight and had a good laugh, especially the hat and the hair. The best part is that this is what I looked like, more or less, when she first met me in the fall of 1985. Heh……a real looker, aren’t I?

Rest of the archives here.