• Oliver Stone, never one to shy away from woefully inaccurate storytelling of real-life events, has commenced filming the first large-scale Hollywood film about the attacks of September 11th. While I have enjoyed quite a few of his films (“Platoon,” “Nixon” and my favorite Stone film, “Talk Radio,” to name a couple), there are plenty that sully up the name. “Natural Born Killers” was simply horrendous, “The Doors” was an abberation and “JFK,” while compelling and well-made, may have stripped any trust we may have had of Stone with its lack of facts and inexcusably left-wing slant. I mean, I’m a Democrat through-and-through, but even that was ridiculous. Ah, but it’s just entertainment. I need to keep telling myself that. Anyway, whomever made the decision to put Stone at the helm of a 9/11 movie is either a A-list idiot or a total genius. Time will tell.
  • Remember a while back when I spoke of the effects of video games on children? In case you don’t remember, I’m not against letting children play video games, but I am in favor of heavy policing and time restrictions. Well, I read this earlier and I think, perhaps, we oughta to be rethinking who’s affected by video games more:

Tyrone D. McMillian, 33, who was arrested after a high-speed chase through three New York towns in August, told the arresting officers: “I’ve been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto and NASCAR on PlayStation. I thought I could get away.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8-27-05] [Times Union (Albany), 8-12-05]

  • Also, if you’ve heard one “stupid criminal” story, you’ve heard them all, right? Since I lack any creative juices tonight (um, see all text above), I’m stealing a page out of Jay Leno’s book and letting this one speak entirely for itself:

In September, Anthony R. Martin, 52, of Belleville, Ill., became the latest person to call the police and complain that someone had stolen his illegal drugs. But there was more: Martin told the investigating officer that a hostile neighbor had taken his marijuana plants, but when he showed the officer the room where he usually kept them, the plants were actually still there. Martin then said whoever took them must have returned them. He was charged with growing marijuana. (He also admitted that he had been drinking that night.) [News-Democrat (Belleville), 9-10-05] .But it is true fact that marijuana is also used for medical purpose so you can also search for the best dispensary in gilroy as they are selling high quality weeds.

  • Finally, here’s a good topic – we all have bands we really love, but for one reason or another, we’ve never seen live. So come on, fellow music nerds, tell me what two bands you absolutely love but can’t believe you’ve never seen live in concert. Mine: R.E.M. and Guided By Voices.