Now this is great. Seems there’s a crew of people down there in New York City called Improv Everywhere and thier latest “performance” was at The Mercury Lounge, a somewhat legendary rock club in NYC, and next to Katz’s Deli, which I stop at each time I’m there. What Improv Everywhere did was essentially give a hard-luck, touring band the night of their life! Click on the link above, then click on “Best Gig Ever” at the top left. Great story – you won’t be sorry. Tip of the hat to Rosemary, from the ND board at Yahoo Groups.

One thing I really enjoy doing after a major news or sports event is exploring headlines from other cities newspapers. As horrible as the September 11th attacks were, one my favorite out-of-town headlines of all time was in the San Francisco Examiner. There was a picture of the towers and in black big letters across the top was “BASTARDS!” I’m sure it can be easily found out there on the web. Wait – let me look around. Yep, you can see it by clicking here. A classic, unforgettable headline.

Naturally, I was very anxious to see how the New York newspapers would react to the Red Sox World Series victory. Hold on a second – did I just say that? The Red Sox won the World Series! Anyway, the ‘ol New Yorkers didn’t disappoint, as the image here would indicate. Very inventive and clever stuff from The Daily News. There’s been much speculation on the attitude of us Red Sox fans now that we’ve won. Will we care as much? What will we have to bitch about? Nobody knows the answer to that. I suspect we’ll be equally attached and devoted, but it’s going to be different now. For the next few days, though, we’ll just wallow in it.

Another one of my favorite sites recently is Shut Up Tim McCarver. Gosh, I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it’s just plain painful to listen to some of the dreck that comes out of that guy’s mouth. The problem is that I think Joe Buck is one of the absolute best play-by-play guys out there. So in order to get Joe Buck, you have to accept McCarver with him, which is just painful. It’s kind of like watching WWF pro wrestling in the early ’80s when I was a kid – all of the big names would wrestle, but they would always kick some scrawny, new dude’s ass (anyone remember Steve Balboni?). You just accepted it.

Item Five is not dead, by the way. I just took a little vacation during the baseball playoffs. There will be more coming soon…..

File this one under “as soon as you get to the top, they try harder to take you down.” I could think of another couple of things to file this under, but I’m playing nice today, courtesy of a little World Series victory.

Song now playing: NOT “We Are The Champions”