Normally when Howard Stern has strippers on his show, I turn it off – generally, it’s the same old thing – she takes her clothes off, the guys all ogle her, blah blah blah. Always the same. This morning at the gym, though, I’m presented with two options: listen to Stern show or switch over to the TV there and listen to the CBS Morning Show. Opting for the former, I tune into Stern and they’re playing a game called “Who’s the smartest stripper in the country?” I’ll spare you the details, but during the game, one of the strippers uttered one of the most baffling answers to a question that I’ve ever heard:

Question: Where is the AstroDome?
Answer: “In my head?”

So, the Red Sox have won game 1. I wasn’t freaking out, pumping my fists, hiding under a blanket or anything else. It was such an efficient dismantling of the Yankees and I was so oddly calm during the game that I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I realized that the Red Sox can now go 7-6 and still win the World Series. That blows my mind a little.

Song now playing: The Volebeats – “Annabel”