News roundup:

This article is a little shocking. Essentially, 1.3% of the males in the U.S. have been to prison. Think about it – you indirectly encounter hundreds of people each day of your life – for every 75 people you cross paths with, 1 has spent time in jail. Weird.

There is SO MUCH wrong with this. In no way, shape or form should a store offer a return policy on underwear. No way. Jose.

I haven’t mentioned Maddox here in a while. He claims to have the best site in the universe and with expert writing and pictures like these, he just might be right. It is my dream to be able to write hilarious snippets and be paid for it. To make a living by making people laugh at my written words would be as sweet as it gets. Of course, don’t take this to mean that Maddox gets paid or does this for a living, I highly doubt it. I was just saying it would be neat if he (or me) could make a living by doing something so ridiculous.

It’s pure coincidence that I’ve been reading/watching so much about World War II lately and that this weekend marks the 60th Anniversary of D-Day. The memorial down in DC looks pretty nice, but I wonder what the hell took so long? In all likelihood, we’ll never see a country so united as we did during that time. Now, I wasn’t there and time certainly does polish and shine the past, but the war effort in late 1930’s and ’40s seemed to be unprecendented and I doubt it can ever be repeated. Don’t get me wrong – I believe our country, both civilian and military, is very much capable of rallying and sacrifice, but at the levels seen during World War II? Unfathomable today.

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