Lots of good music starting to emerge in 2007. There’s a really solid new record out by Spoon, who will end up being one of my top 3 bands of the decade. I’ve also been enjoying the new albums by The Polyphonic Spree, The Figments, Josh Rouse and a band called Blitzen Trapper, whose name alone prompted me to listen to a couple of samples. Sometimes that’s all it takes – an interesting name. It’s rare that I end up liking bands just for their name, but it happened with these guys. Solid stuff.

But the one I’m probably most excited about is The New Pornographers, who I should have been listening to three years ago, but wasn’t. I picked up on them after their last album, Twin Cinema, came out (I think 2005) and their new album, called “Challengers,” comes out in August. Here’s a song from it. It’s not the usual crazy-catchy rock tune they’re known for, but as usual, after 3-4 listens, you’re bound to be hooked.


Many people are asking me if I’m getting any sleep with newborn twins now living in the house. I have a simple answer: hardly. 4-5 hours per night, intermittant.