My vote goes to The Palace Brothers.

Over the last few days, I’ve had a few 1980s commercial jingles running through my head, for one reason or another:

– “Brown eggs are local eggs, and local eggs are fresh!”

– Riunite on Ice, Riunite so nice…..

– Hey! It’s a donut! No! It’s a Mr. Donut donut!

On my Launchcast player right now is the Beau Brummels. It’s pretty cool that I never chose the Beau Brummels to play on my LaunchCast player, but yet here it is, because based on the other music I’ve rated, they’ve determined that I would enjoy the Beau Brummels. They’re right. I’ve always enjoyed them. Rock music SAT question: The Beau Brummels are to the The Beatles as Paul Siebel is to Bob Dylan. Which brings to mind an interesting story about the Beau Brummels – the only reason why gave themselves that band name was so that they could be filed in the record racks right next to The Beatles. That is still the case today. Go into any record store worth its salt and you’ll still find Beau Brummels CD’s right there next to The Beatles.

Song now playing: The Beau Brummels – “When It Comes To Your Love”