My number one celebrity crush is easily Julie Bowen. Much to my delight, she was on the Howard Stern show this morning and she seemed pretty easygoing and funny – contrary to her appearance on the David Letterman show a few nights ago, when she seemed a little nervous and neurotic. I can understand being a little jittery on a major late night talk show, though. Oh yeah, I’m no Julie Bowen stalker – I mean, I don’t follow her every public appearance or anything. In fact, these last two appearances were the first time I’ve seen her outside of the great show, Ed, and both of her appearances I didn’t even know she was going to be on. Am I getting too defensive? Heh. Anyway, she seems cool. Lives in a studio apartment on the West Side in NYC – I guess Ed doesn’t pay too much, does it?

I’ve never really stated my Howard Stern position here. I think Stern’s show, at times, is the best entertainment/mass-media outlet available, particularly when he has celebrities in for interviews. I think Howard is at his very best when he’s interviewing celebrities, because he’s not afraid to ask interesting questions – it’s just a matter of who’s afraid to answer them. But when he gets rolling with celebrities, he can be the best interviewer on the planet.. To this day, I think the best interview of all time with Paul McCartney came from the Howard Stern show. He also comes up with some of the best little on-the-air games, too. It’s obvious that a lot of other media simply rip him off, so I really do hope he wins his lawsuit, even though he doesn’t need the money. On the flip-side, when he’s got attention-starved strippers, desperate hangers-on and lesbians on his show, I just turn it off. So boring to hear that crap over and over again…..