My friend and co-worker Clay has a friend named Merrill visiting from Atlanta for three weeks and Clay was telling me this morning that they went to Friendly’s (restaurant chain) last week and they were treated quite shabbily. So Merrill filled out a job application and she’s now employed there, with the sole intention of screwing them in two weeks when she leaves (and making a little money along the way). I love that story. It just warms my heart.

I traded in a bunch of old CD’s that I don’t listen to and picked up five new ones! Five!

Fu Manchu “California Crossing”
The Kinks “Something Else By The Kinks”
The Kinks “Well Respected Band”
Gomez “In Our Gun” (new one)
Weezer “Maladroit”

Reviews forthcoming.

Went to the Red Sox game on Sunday night – they lost 14-5. The Yankees hit six home runs, and just about all of them were of the very long variety. Still, it was fun and it just solidifies my stance that being at Fenway Park at night during the baseball season is one of my favorite places to be in life. Serenity just overtakes me.