It occurred to me this morning that I’ve moved more times than I thought. In fact, since 1995, I’ve moved six times, counting the one we’re about to do. I wonder if that’s more than average? Here’s the rundown:

1995 – Moved to Somerville, MA
1999 – Moved to Allston, MA
2001 – Moved to Arlington, MA
2001 – Moved back to Somerville, MA
2003 – Moved to Maynard, MA
2007 – Moving to…..Maynard, MA

On average, that’s a move every two years. Me no likey. However, my last two stints have been pretty stable – two years in Somerville and four years in Maynard. So the business development guy in me would also say that I’ve only moved once in the last six years. Which reminds me – moving with 5-month old twins – it’s pretty much a pain in the arse. Not recommended.

So there will be less than usual posting here in November. Why? Because our house is just starting to look like Baghdad. Evidence:

Living Room Bomb Zone

Living Room

Dining Room Bomb Zone

Looks like fun, doesn’t it? How many times have you moved in the last 10-12 years?

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