I’ve seen less than 10 total episodes of “Survivor” since its been on the air – and I only watched those episodes because my wife worked with one of the people who was a contestant. After reading this morning’s Boston Globe, Survivor has sealed its fate as a show I will never watch again. For this upcoming season, they have decided to seperate teams by race. What is this, 1950? They’re seperating teams by African-American, Caucasian, Asian and Hispanic. Do we really need this? What’s more mysterious is that someone with some kind of authority and a sense of what’s right didn’t stomp on the idea at the conference room table when the idea surfaced. That they actually conceived it, planned it and shot it already is mind-numbing to me and a clear sign that money and marketing trumps just about anything. Sad.

We all have regrets, right? Last week when I was in Atlanta for a meeting, we sat down at the conference room table and there were a few people who hadn’t shown up yet. Usually when this happens, there’s some awkward small-talk about where we live, the weather and usually some silence. This time, though, a topic came up that brought the pre-meeting to life. One guy remarked something along the lines of making different decisions back when he was a teenager. I immeadiately lit up and asked this question: “if you could go back to a particular age and start over, what age would that be?”

I got some interesting answers. Of course, one person had to clarify and ask “would I have the knowledge I do today or would my knowledge and mental capacity also go back to that time?” I quickly made the decision that you would have the knowledge and mental capacity you do today. That really makes things interesting. I’m still not sure what my answer is, really.

So……I’m putting this out there for comment: thinking about your life, what age would you go back to in order to hit the “reset” button, knowing that when you go back to that age, you would be in possession of your mental capacity and knowledge today? Fun to think about.