I realized last night that I only wrote one post last week. An extraordinarily busy business trip to NYC was some of the cause, but as mentioned before, the idea-meter for posts is running low lately.

So yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of my marriage and we celebrated by wandering around Newbury St. in Boston for a couple of hours and stopping for a drink and a small appetizer at the frou-frou Sonsie. Sonsie is apparantly one of the restuarants in town that all the “players” and celebrities go to and if the foccasia bread is any gauge of the food quality, I know why. Great stuff. However, I must question the tact of the waitress who called me “girly” for ordering a rum drink. She smiled when she said it, but I think she may have meant it. Screw the beautiful people.

The highlight of the night, though, was dinner at a restaurant called Sibling Rivalry, an interesting concept, straight from the whole Iron Chef modus operandi. The restaurant’s chefs are two brothers, David and Bob Kinkead, and each of them offer a dish with one common ingredient. For example, black beans. David may offer scallops, pureed mashed potatoes, pork dumplings, all with a black bean sauce, while Bob’s recipe is Pork Loin w/ sausage, black beans and collard greens. Get it?

It was fantastic and one of the better Boston area restaurants I’ve eaten in over the years. The food was an explosion of flavors (I did opt for the scallops) and it was one of those truly great restaurants where the portions are not so huge that you leave the place feeling like there’s a cannonball in your stomach. Steph may argue that last point, as the steak they gave her (David’s version) was quite large, but both of us left there feeling like you should after a quality meal – ready for Erikson’s. Very very highly recommended, located down on Tremont St. in the South End near Hammersly’s and all the other terrific restaurants down there.

In other news, speaking of explosions, my vegetable garden is off the hook right now! The tomatoes are popping up like crazy and I’ve already pulled five cucumbers and eaten one. The red peppers are taking a little longer than expected, but those are just starting to emerge as well. This year was supposed to be an experiment and it’s been a successful one. Next year I plan on at least tripling its size and growing much more (minus so many cucumbers).

I keep listening more and more to the terrific album by The Whigs and as I mentioned before, I’m making the prediction that they’ll be a standard name soon enough. Right now it’s hard to find news articles, but I did find this one, a pretty decent article on the band. Word has it they’ve been signed to a label already, so we’ll see what comes of that. I’m of the opinion that bands really don’t need a label anymore these days, but that’s another post for another time.