Personality traits crack me up – and I’m mostly referring to my own. This weekend I thought about how much I hate carrying things. I don’t mean task-based things like carrying groceries or goods back-and-forth from the car to the house, I mean general stuff. For example, I dislike having too much stuff in my pockets. It makes my pants too heavy. God forbid I can’t fit something into my pocket, either – a camera, a coat, etc. I really dislike having to carry stuff around in my hands for extended periods of time. I need complete freedom. Just ask my poor wife, who is almost always tasked with carrying keys, cameras, phones, etc just so I can be minimal. Of course, she does it largely without complaint because she’s a saint (rhymed!), but I know inside she’s laughing at me and saying “I married someone who is certifiably insane.”

This is one thing that probably doesn’t bode well for me with the impending arrival of twins in June. I am going to have to get over this one – and fast! I am more than sure I’ll have no problem carrying/holding my own children, of course! It’s all the “other stuff” that I’m going to have to get used to.

It’s such a silly little personality tick……anyone want to share theirs?