Just back from a work trip to Montreal, where I went out to dinner last night with clients who have actually become more like friends to us. A client who you’ve become friends with makes things that much easier and pleasant.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, trying to bounce back from a virus over the weekend. I returned to my hotel room last night around 11pm, eager to tune into the Red Sox-Angels playoff game on ESPN. I flipped on the TV and started scanning channels, and much to my horror, discovered that the hotel didn’t carry ESPN. Cripes! Are you kidding me? A hotel in North America that doesn’t carry ESPN? That, in itself, should result in punishment by death. I didn’t have much time to curse the hotel, though, I needed instant access to that baseball game.

My solution, in retrospect, was a great combination of old and new school. I ended up with the lights off, laying in bed, listening to Joe and Jerry on WEEI in Boston via MLB.com’s Gameday Audio package. Similar to the stories you hear of little boys in the 1950s with their radio turned down low listening to the ballgame late at night, there I was, same situation, the only differece the slight blue-green glow of my laptop monitor, saving me from not knowing what was going on.

I tell you what, listening to Jason Varitek’s home run in the sixth inning last night was not only exciting for its impactful moment in that game, but made me feel like a little kid growing up in the ’40s or ’50s – hushed hope, picture in my mind and innocent elation.