A co-worker sent me this video a few days ago and I watched it with a smile. Not only is it slightly infectious, but it takes place in the office that we (Ask.com) recently vacated on Park Ave overlooking Union Square in NYC. Strange to see our offices being taken over by people that I used to be in 1990s. Sure seems like this group likes to have a good time and I still like that song, too. It’s one of those great one-hit wonder songs that stick in your mind whenever you hear it.

Which reminds me, it is very much my intention to start shooting videos set to music soon. I’m in the process of trying to find suitable (and cheap, or free) video editing software. The curve ball is that the software needs to capture/recognize AVCHD in addition to the usual standard definition video. So far there are two, one of which (Sony Vegas+DVD 7) I downloaded a trial for and I have been fooling with it to some degree of success. If anyone knows how I can get a copy of this Sony Vegas+DVD software for super-cheap or free, I’ll owe you one.