Jeff Intermission: I need to step in here for a second (isn’t Dave the bomb, by the way?). Anyway, I have to share with you this little nugget, which details my life in the last week or so: I flew to Atlanta today. Just for the day. Got on the plane at 7am this morning, did business all day, got on a plane and flew home. When I came into Boston and stepped out through the gate at 10pm tonight and into the airport, I said to myself “this gate looks familiar. I must have flown out of here at some point recently.” Then I realized it – yes, I did fly out of this gate. This morning. Now, back to my hallucinating………..go Dave.

I’ve got two new excellent slideshows, both taken from my trip to California last week. Some of these, if I may say so myself, are postcard-esque. I’m not trying to be cocky, I’m just saying all one really needs to do is go there and take the pictures. Some incredible scenery. I hope you all understand why I believe California is easily the most beautiful state in the U.S. when you look at these:

1. THIS is a few quick snaps I took while walking on the Golden Gate Bridge last Saturday. Pictures probably don’t do it justice.

Speaking of pictures not doing something justice, some of THESE just blow my mind. Our company conference was over at around noon last Friday and I had nothing to do, so I said “screw it, I’m renting a car and driving around.” Drive around I did! Ended up driving about 75 miles south, down the coast from the farm town of Watsonville all the way south to Big Sur, which has some of the most amazing scenery I think I’ve ever seen. By the way, these pictures from this drive I took were all taken at roadside! I mean, you just stop the car, get out, take the pictures. The Pacific Coast Highway stretches like this for over 100 miles. Maybe 200. You’re literally driving at the edge of cliffs and over bridges that you only thought existed in RoadRunner/Wily E. Coyote cartoons. I had been there before, but it never ceases to amaze me how jaw-dropping it is. Just look at the last picture in this set. It stopped me dead in my tracks. Oh, one more thing, you’ll see I threw in a picture from a baseball stadium. It was a shot I took at the Oakland A’s-Cleveland Indians baseball game a week or so ago. The sky turned this marvelous color, so I had to take the shot. It had nothing to do with my drive down the coast, but it still deserves inclusion nonetheless. Another highlight of the game was Milton Bradley of the Indians being called out on strikes. He got so mad that he threw his bat and helmet at the umpire and tried to “get at him.” Good stuff……what a baby.