I’ve never been one to eat tons of Jello or anything, but I always thought Jello was decent stuff. Come to think of it, I probably have not eaten Jello in a couple of years. But today I have come across a horrific discovery that will prevent me from ever eating, looking at, or even thinking about Jello ever again. Jello is made from the parts of an animal that are left over after they’ve already used it for traditional cuts (like you see in your supermarket), SPAM, sausage, and scrapple.* All the leftover parts – hides, bones, etc are used to make Jello. Just thinking about that makes my stomach turn. So if you ever see this again, please do not eat it:

Here’s an amusing baseball story, as told by professional umpire Tim McLelland, after he was asked “what’s the funniest thing any manager ever said to you during an argument:”

McClelland: Oh boy. A long time ago at a game in Triple-A, Jack McKeon was the manager in Omaha. He came out and said “I know you got that call right, but I have a big, full house here and my team isn’t playing very well. Can we just stand out here and argue a little bit? I am just going to stand here and bob my head and raise my hands a little bit, but I am not mad at you. I just want to put on a little bit of a show. When I’m done you run me and I’ll go to the dugout.” I said, “That’s fine, whatever you need to do, go ahead and do it.” So I told him I had a good dinner last night at [local restaurant] and asked if he’s ever been there. He said no, and started kicking the dirt and raising his hands and said “but maybe I should try it out sometime! Well, I think this was enough, why don’t you run me now.” So I did and he walked away.